Curriculum & Class Schedule

GEORGIA MOUNTAIN KRAV MAGA currently offers Ongoing Classes at East Hall Community Center as follows:

FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS!!! We offer anyone who has not tried out our IKI/Krav Maga system a chance to try out what we have to offer by attending one class for free! Please call or email to arrange an appointment (click “contact” at top of this page or use email address on home page). We try to schedule introductory classes for Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings. It is helpful if you can call or email to let us know you will be there but on those days it is not technically required. If your schedule does not permit you to try out on these days, let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate your needs on other days.


Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM; Saturdays: From 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM. All classes are open to all students, all ranks.

We typically include conditioning and endurance training drills in our classes, an integral part of the IKI approach to self defense.

Dues are $99 per month. You can attend as many of our classes as you like.

Family rates are available. Essentially first family member pays full price others are half of regular price.

Law Enforcement Personnel, EMT/EMS and Fire Services Personnel rates are $60 per month.

For those who do not want to or are unable to pay on a monthly basis our rates are as follows (payable at beginning of each class):

Weeknight Classes $20.00 per class per person

Saturday Classes $30.00 per class per person

At this time the minimum age for students is 14 years. Please contact us for details.

Georgia Mountain Krav Maga’s Curriculum and requirements follow the recommended programs established by Israeli Krav International.

SPECIALTY COURSES AND SEMINARS: GMKM offers specialty self defense, awareness and self protection courses and seminars custom designed to your needs. Contact us for details. We are Currently Involved in the following:
Special Law Enforcement Courses (POST CERTIFIED) and Programs
EMT inside the emergency vehicle defense tactics
Self Protection and Awareness for Senior Citizens,
Womens’ Self Defense, Awareness and Rape Prevention

LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINING: Portions of our training program have been accepted (POST CERTIFIED) by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.
(Contact GMKM for specific information)

“The essence of Krav Maga is practical simplicity. As such it is not so much how many techniques you know, but how well you execute and apply the techniques that you know. In a real life situation it is not the number of techniques that matter but the confidence and aggressiveness with which they are applied.” (Moshe Katz)0

Since its inception, GMKM has been taught in what some call a “seminar style” as opposed to a rigid, structured sequential approach. The approach definitely works and it works well. For lack of a better term (until now) I have called this approach “organized chaos”.
One reason this approach works so well is that the IKI Krav system is based primarily on principle, concept and logic instead of memorizing techniques. As a result, the techniques ultimately become instinctive, customized for each individual.
One of our newest students, Dr. Kathye Light, is a PHD and a physical therapist at Brenau University here in Georgia. As she was watching the approach at our recent seminar and then in our subsequent classes she told me that our method was actually “Psychomotor Training” (motor learning) or “Variable Random Practice”.
Dr. Light’s analysis of the results of this approach are as follows:
“Variable Random Practice will result in the greatest long term motor learning, although in early practice it will seem confusing.”
“Variable Random Practice will also provide for the greatest amount of generalization (adaptability) to situations that have not been specifically practiced.”

While we do have ranks and belt colors up through black belt ranks, acquiring rank should not be the student’s main focus. Rank is awarded based on performance, attitude and understanding of the self defense programs we teach.

By design our belt tests are not easy. We do not and never will “sell” rank or certificates. GMKM strives for quality performance. We do recognize that everyone has different capabilities, talents and limitations. All of this is taken into account when we test students. The testing at GMKM is very demanding. So is survival on the street!

Learning is the most important factor. If the student is willing to work hard and learn what is offered, rank will come. In most cases the principles involved in our techniques are more important than the techniques themselves. However the techniques must still be learned, and learned correctly.

All rank promotions will be approved by Moshe Katz and certificates of rank will be issued and signed by Mr. Katz, founder and head instructor for Israeli Krav International.

A handbook outlining all of the basic rank requirements through black belt, a good bit of history and other pertinent information is available to all students.

Our training allows successful application of self defense techniques regardless of terrain, clothing, age or injury. We include training in mental discipline and “will to survive” or “will to succeed” as part of our curriculum. Students are trained to help each other achieve their goals and to develop the mentality needed for self defense.

Environmental awareness is an integral part of our training approach. This training enhances the students in innumerable ways beyond the application of Krav Maga and self defense techniques.

Our training involves extremely close quarters situations, gun threats, knife attacks and knife threats, random attacks with and without weapons, terrorist attacks and hostage survival among others.

We also train in third party defense so that we may be able to help someone else survive.